Ken Gross: Cartographer, artist & Printmaker

45°39'12.7"N     68°42'36.8"W


Me. The person.

I was born and raised in Chicago, and with a couple of exceptions, most of the next twenty-five years of my life was spent in the Rust Belt cities of Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. Although artistically talented as a child, I have devoted my professional career to cartographic design. In an effort to improve the design qualities of my maps, I took up art with the intention of utilizing what I had learned into my professional work; instead, I rediscovered my artistic roots while living in Ohio and have continued that path since relocating to Maine in 2010. For these reason, I have styled myself as the Rustbelt Cartographer, despite my current location, and, here in a former mill town, because of it.

Today, I live in the small and remote rural town of Millinocket, Maine with my wife Susan Mathias and my dog Gus. I can gaze upon Mount Katahdin from my front yard—the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail within the vast wilderness of Baxter State Park. I also live near the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument—there is a lot of geography in Maine's North Woods!

I might be Maine-based, but I’m a cartographer, and I love the geography of many places in the world. I suspect that you do, too! If you have an idea for a line of neat prints, let me know…  ken (at) rustbelt (dot) com

Ken, his good friend Gus, and the loons he hangs out with.

Ken, his good friend Gus, and the loons he hangs out with.